Our Aim

Our pupils are the feature of our school of which we are most proud of. Our aim is to create a happy, caring atmosphere in which pupils and adults show consideration and respect for each other at all times. We aim to provide the highest standards of education within an inclusive environment. We have therefore developed a broad and balanced  British curriculum, which includes assessment and meets all statutory requirements, ensuring it challenges and meets the needs and interests of all our children. We endeavor to ensure that all of our pupils fulfill their potential, experience success both academically and socially, whilst enjoying their time in our care. We also have a variety of extra-curricular activities designed to enrich each child’s experience, and actively welcome parents into school life.


Our Beliefs

Our school mission, values, and behavioral expectations are embodied in the sense of togetherness. All staff and children, parents and visitors are expected to behave in a manner that is Safe, Respectful, Honest, Responsible and Courteous.

EIS provides a safe learning-focused environment in which all children are encouraged to become confident independent learners and able to take advantage of the opportunities available. Our aim is for every child to be challenged to reach his or her full potential. We give the care and attention one would expect from a good school.


   At EIS” Together We Achieve”


To be a quality provider of the future-focused education



We believe that encouraging students to do their best and strive for personal excellence enables them to take ownership of, and develop skills for, lifelong learning.



• Decorative, spacious AC classrooms with play zone
• Visual learning methods to enhance creativity
• Lots of educative fun toys to make learning fun
• All inclusive syllabus designed by experts
• Motherly love, care, and attention
• Safe, supportive and child-friendly environment
• Art, music and dance classes
• Clean washrooms to ensure hygiene
• Both indoor and outdoor games and sports to ensure proper development of the child


Activities and Assessment

Our highly trained teachers assess children’s achievements in all areas of the curriculum. Standard Assessment Tasks and tests will be administered to children in the middle and the end of the academic year. The results will be reported to parents when all parents will receive a report card stating levels of achievement.
Children will be encouraged to engage in social activities, participate in the different curriculum, be active members of the reading club, green club and will thus be judged not only academically but also their thoughtfulness, interactive nature, their wit, knowledge, and confidence.
A regular parent-teacher meeting will ensure that both parents and teachers are updated about the child’s progress so that any difficulty or challenges are dealt with as soon as possible Regular assessment ensures child’s progress, health, and wellbeing.



All children will have homework throughout the week. Often this is reading, practice spelling, maths, science, and topic work where children may be expected to research information or find things out. It is important that you encourage your children to complete their homework and return it to school when asked. Home reading books are available for each child to both practice and enjoy reading at home which also helps develop their reading skills.